3030 Breeze Candy Floss Machine

It’s a breeze to make cotton candy with this essential machine. Featuring a stainless steel cabinet and permanent f…


Auto Breeze Floss Machine

Much like running on auto-pilot this machine keeps things on target with automatic heat adjustment while spinning candy …


Floss & Popcorn Special Offer

All This below for the special price of £1999.00 + VAT Breeze Candy Floss Machine Full Bubble Floss Cart 8o…


Floss Boss with non metallic bowl


Super Floss Machine

With an 8" permanent floss head able to hold 3lbs of sugar. This colossal cotton candy machine is ideal for high traf…


Tornado Candy Floss Machine

Every Tornado built since the mid 50's, has featured a built-in voltage booster system. The #3005E also features a va…


Whirlwind High Output Floss Machine

It's a true original and still setting industry standards even 50 years later. Delivers high output without a high co…